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Phase 1: Chumming The Water

Mahi Maniac's Club NFT
  • This initial phase is where the Mahi Maniac's Club team goes out to spread the word of this great migration passing through and helps to build a community of future Mahi NFT holders.
  • Our community will be built organically by collaborating with other well-established projects, creating an active and engaging presence on all relevant social media platforms, and creating an active discord. The official mint date will be released by the end of this phase.

Phase 2: Fishing Season

Mahi Maniac's Club NFT
  • Fishing season begins with the mint launch, and once we sell out and all our Mahi have been caught, the collection will get listed on (WHAT MARKETPLACE). From there, we will be introducing holder verification that will allow Mahi holders access to private discord channels. If your Mahi is verified and not listed on any marketplace, you will receive an updated role. This will allow the creation of our DOA.
  • The next primary marker on the roadmap is developing a liquidity pool that allows our holders to stake their Mahi and earn both our native currency $MAHI and SOL!
  • Upon creating the token, we will add 500 SOL to the liquidity pool, thus adding value to $MAHI, which will be required for all transactions in our ecosystem.
  • As mentioned, our community will be built of NFT enthusiasts, and our strategic partnerships are with other successful projects; therefore, another added utility for earning $MAHI is that it can be used to enter raffles and win other NFTs!

Phase 3: MahiPad Launch

Mahi Maniac's Club NFT
  • This next phase is important to help continue building value for our Mahi holders staking their NFTs. Here we will start our launchpad to Solana; this will coincide with a very strict vetting process to ensure all projects accepted into our launchpad our legitimate NFT projects....not the dreaded rug pulls!
  • Our team comprises people with a genuine passion for the NFT space, the Solana ecosystem, and crypto. We not only want to bring incredible value to our Mahi holders but want to help highlight how awesome the NFT community and revolution are and why it's here to stay!
  • After approval, we will charge any NFT project using our launchpad a 7% mint fee, of which 50% of the fees collected will be distributed right back to our holders in SOL! Of course, this only applies to holders that have their Mahi staked.

Phase 4: Forming A School

Mahi Maniac's Club NFT
  • There's a reason many fish, including Mahi, form schools in the wild. Forming a school aids fish in survival and allows them all to thrive as a society that seems to operate like one living entity. The bottom line is that it helps all of them when fish school!
  • This key phase is where Mahi holders will send their Mahi out to form a school and migrate to nutrient-rich waters seeking their favorite thing to munch on....$MAHI coin!
  • Each migration will last for 15 days, and those wise enough to join the school and migrate will earn 1.5X more $MAHI. There will be a set price to enter the migration, revealed once the token is created.

Phase 5: Monster Mahi's

Mahi Maniac's Club NFT
  • Separate from the original school of Mahi fished from the Solana blockchain; we will be creating an additional rare collection of Monster Mahi's!
  • This initial collection of XX 1/1's will launch our auction system. SOL will be required to bid for this auction. The excellent news for our Mahi holders is that we will transfer 75% of all proceeds from the Monster Mahi auctions to our community wallet. Giving our DOA the right to vote on how to best use those funds grants us endless possibilities to continue growing our community and providing value.